Kids in the Haven

North Haven Youth Grades 7-12. Having a good time.

Upcoming Event: TBD

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What we're up to!

The focus is on getting to know other teens in the neighbourhood and having fun!  The group is encouraged to come up with their own ideas for activities and to help run them.  Some of the activities we are planning for 2019 is a pumpkin carving contest, curling and open gym at Huntington Hills and a skating party followed by cookie decorating.  We are always looking for new teens to join us, new ideas for things to do and a few parent volunteers.


Kids in the Haven out curling as a group.



Carving pumpkins for a decoration contest at our 2017 Family Halloween dance.


Final designs

The final pumpkin designs before they went up on display for attendees to vote on. 

Final Designs.jpeg