Jean togstad

Oversees all operations of the Board, chairs meetings, is a member of all committees and acts as a spokesperson for the NHCA.


Jody Breen
Vice Pressident

Provides support to the President and other Directors when necessary. Acts as President when the need arises.


Lucas Van Boeschoten

Is responsible for maintaining accurate records of the Community Association and board, ensuring that accurate minutes are taken, distributed and filed, and ensuring that the Corporate Registry of the Association and Board are up to date and accurate. The secretary also sends notices of meetings and is in charge of correspondence.


Judy Huber

Has a general financial oversight, ensuring all banking, book keeping and record keeping are up to date. Makes sure an audited statement of the financial position of the association is prepared and presented at the Annual General meeting.


Marie Heffernan
Hall Manager

Is responsible for the community hall.


Shea Friesen
Director of Building & Maintenances

Core responsibility is ensuring the hall and grounds’ day to day maintenance is done either by self or by contract. Ensuring the major maintenance priorities of the life cycle plan are scheduled and implemented by assisting with grants and contracts.


Terry Arnett
Director of Civic AFFAIRS

Responsible for liaison with City of Calgary departments for various programs. Chairs development review committee and leads hall infrastructure grant initiatives.



Oversees all things website and data management in order to implement the will of the board;ensuring approved branding is integrated and present across all mediums including print and digital. Co-ordinates internal communications methods while supporting new board members on-boarding to existing platforms. Develops and implementsnew technologies for use by the board. For example, develop an outbound email newsletter template for delivery to consenting members to gain more inclusion in community activities.


Katie Mikalson
Director of Community Engagement

Fosters relationships with residents and businesses alike to ensure we as a community association are offering services and representation as the community sees best.


Elise Konoff
Director of Entertainment

To initiate, schedule, coordinate all events at the NHCA. Some events are supported by other volunteers. Future goal is for the entertainment director to not have to be present at every event, but to have an entertainment committee with events split between committee members. Strategize to put on relevant events at lowest possible cost by accessing sponsorship and working with Civic Affairs Director on applying for grant funding for events.


Sandra Whitty
Director of Hall Rentals

Manages hall bookings, and arranges showings in concert with the hall manager..


Mark Gervais
Director of Memberships

Oversees all requests for membership purchase and processes them by recording and storing contact information, tabulating and submitting funds collected to the Treasurer, and sending out membership cards. Recently, we moved to a mostly online system whereby membership requests and fund collection is automatic. Once this process is running smoothly, time will be freed up to devote more effort into recruiting volunteers for events and organizing memberships drives for our community.


Jackie Bourgaize
Director of Newsletter

Is in charge of collecting all relevant content for the monthly newsletter from both the board and surrounding community. This information is broken into smaller pieces and published daily on the NHCA Facebook page


Hans Huber
Director at Large

Currently in his role, Hans coordinates the community associations largest fundraising effort with our casino partners.