48th Painting

48th Paint Project

Details for Artists & Residents


The area in question is for the newly installed adaptive sidewalk on 48th Avenue. The pathway was installed on the existing road surface. We selected a design from awesome variety of artists’ submitted visions for the pathway. The final design looks so much like the finished product! We couldn’t be more proud.

All inquiries can be sent to 48th@northhavenyyc.ca 


Final Design


Design Area

Note the area in green. This is the space the design will be constrained within.

Pathway Design.jpg

The designable area varies in width from 1.8m to 2.7m 

The length of the pathway is 145m

We received confirmation from the city that the design must allow for exposed asphalt roughly every 30cm to prevent slipping on the painted surface.


Submitted Ideas


Winning design

Final Vote

Interested in seeing the vote data and comments? We have those for you too!