48th Painting

48th Paint Project

Details for Artists & Residents

We are looking for artist submissions

The area in question is for a new pathway being installed on 48th Avenue to the East of North Haven Drive NW. The pathway will be installed on the existing road surface. We are looking to find a variety of artists visions for the intersection.  We are not able to provide financial compensation for the artwork which understandably will limit our submissions. 

Deadline for Submission is August 30th 2018, so please submit them prior. 

All inquiries and submissions can be sent to 48th@northhavenyyc.ca 


Design Area

Note the area in green. This is the space the design will be constrained within.

Pathway Design.jpg

The designable area varies in width from 1.8m to 2.7m 

The length of the pathway is 145m

We are still waiting to see from the city if we can cover the entire length of the pathway with your design.


Concepts Ideas