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North Haven Preschool


As you may have heard, the North Haven Community Association Board recently very reluctantly made the  decision to close our Preschool after the spring session. We did not arrive at the decision lightly; it has long been a valued part of our community.

The North Haven preschool was started many years ago by a local parent as a community playschool with a mandatory volunteer component.  In recent years we have been told by parents they do not want to have to volunteer.  We changed the program to make volunteering not mandatory, but  licensing rules stipulated the hiring of an extra worker.  Enrollment has decreased year over year, and we cannot continue to subsidize the program to the extent we have been in the last few years.  We have gone from having a full contingent of 24 or even 25 in each of the 3 and 4 year old classes 11 or 12 yrs ago, with a very strong volunteer base,  to only 6 children registered in the current 3 year class. Of these 6, only 1 has registered for the fall. Based on a projection of 6 or fewer in the 3 year class and at best 8 or 10 for the 4 year old class, we reluctantly came to the conclusion that closure was the best choice for the time being.

We wanted to inform people early enough that they could make alternate arrangements for fall.  We will be exploring options for the space, including an outside run preschool, the feasibility of a daycare or the possibility of restarting the community run preschool.  If you are interested in helping the Board explore the options, please come to our next Board meeting on April 13 at 7pm or contact Jody Breen ( ) or myself at

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Preschool over the years. Thank you to those who have taught and those who volunteered at the preschool.  We have had wonderful, dedicated teachers who have helped our children grow and learn and they have helped us create many special memories.  We will miss them and the contributions they have made to our children's lives and to our community.

Jean Togstad

President, North Haven Community Association