Parent Testimonials


From Alyssa

At 18 months, our son was pre-diagnosed with Apraxia, a motor planning disorder affecting both speech and gross motor skills. For Kirby, coordinating many activities including speaking was difficult or impossible.

With a vocabulary of less than 6 words, the prospect of preschool was extremely daunting. But, we knew our son would benefit from a Play/Learn environment and interaction with other children. After trying more than 10 preschools, Teacher Lila and Teacher Morgan were warm, receptive and enthusiastic from the moment I first called them and explained our situation.

Thanks to The Cause and Effect Foundation our son received funding for a CDF aid who attended North Haven Preschool with Kirby this year and facilitated play for him with the other kids.

Our son is now testing at age level and can speak 4 and 5 word sentences! This is in large part due to the wonderful team at North Haven Preschool. We cannot say enough about these dedicated ladies and what they have given our son!

Day planning is organized, which allows the children to feel they can count on what's coming next. There are very fun and creative crafts, catchy tunes to sing and excellent story time. Kids are free to play alongside each other but also encouraged to interact. Snack time is a chance for everyone to get to know each other with a feeling of inclusion for all. The atmosphere is great. 

Thank you so much Teacher Lila and Teacher Morgan. XO

From Shellie

Our daughter has been going to North Haven Preschool for two years now. We love it! It is a very caring, safe and friendly environment with excellent, dedicated teachers. She has enjoyed many theme days, parties and celebrations. Her favourite memories are Santa visits and gym time. My favourite memories have been Mother's Day tea (where they all sang for the Moms), bowling field trip and tobogganing morning. I always feel comfortable leaving my daughter in the morning and look forward to hearing about her morning at North Haven Preschool.

From Jennifer

Our children had such a wonderful time attending North Haven Preschool! Lila and Morgan have a wonderful manner with all the children and are always right in there playing alongside.  The school has so many different areas for play, and the kids always loved the freedom to choose from all of the fun activities.  Dress-up and building blocks were among their favorites, but special theme days always brought something new and exciting to explore! 


Camping week was a real hit with a tent and a pretend fire to roast marshmallows over! Every day included some gym time that allowed them to run and jump and learn about different ways to move their bodies. There were also games that reinforced ideas like taking turns, and following instructions. The group approach to snack time was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate sharing, manners and gratuity. In addition to all of the play learning, at circle time, concepts like months of the year and days of the week were introduced through songs, stories and rhymes.  


Overall, the preschool program at North Haven offered an enthusiastic, fun, caring environment that was full of many learning opportunities. 

From Keira

Since our family moved to the neighborhood in 2008, we have had three of our children attend North Haven Preschool. The warm, caring and fun atmosphere has been consistent, and our teachers are enthusiastic and energetic. I recommend our neighborhood preschool to anyone who is looking for a place where their child can learn, play with friends, and feel safe.